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When you begin this wonderful journey through our Digital Arts Program you have embarked on an endless rollercoaster of creativity, and on a future career path. This is a comprehensive 3 quarter program. Each quarter is 16 hours and in total 16 lessons. We will guide and assist you in order to choose a specialty. The first quarter will be Maya Fundamentals. Student’s will acquire skills and a firm foundation of the software. When the course is completed you’ll choose a career path course in your desired area of interest listed above. The industry is in need of talented and skilled artist.

You don’t need any experience in the software, or have a predetermined specialty prior to applying. Most students walk away with more than they ever could’ve imagined, and they eventually discover their hidden talents after the Maya Fundamentals course.


As a student you’ll have access to our ever growing asset library for unlimited learning. You will have access to unlimited replays, you will be able to comment on student work and receive feedback as well.

The Maya Fundamental Course is broken down into 4 major classes – Maya, Modeling, Texturing and Look Dev. After you complete these courses you will be given a final project that showcases what you’ve learned.

Near the end of the month, you will have a live Q&A session with your instructors.

For each course, you’ll receive access to your training videos.

When you complete the Fundamentals course, you are now ready to begin a specialized course.

Each assignment is due at the end of the quarter. There will be a review of your project before the end of the quarter.

Every student will have the opportunity to take their final projects and add them to their portfolio. A polished portfolio is great for entering selective colleges and their programs, to applying for jobs.

We work directly with Universities and have scholarship programs that will enable each student a tuition discount.

Students will receive a certificate of completion after completing the Digital Arts Program


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